white-lillyThe cost of a funeral will essentially reflect the personal, cultural and financial needs of your family, and the choices you make. Elegant Tributes has a flexible pricing structure, which allows families to choose from a range of services and options. Some people prefer to obtain information on services, options and prices before engaging a funeral director. That is why we established our Funeral Advice Line, where our specialist Funeral Planners provide obligation-free guidance and advice. Our specialist Funeral Planners will provide you with an itemized fee proposal, outlining all of the services and costs involved with the funeral that best reflects the life of your loved one and your family’s needs. To talk with one of our Funeral Planners contact our Funeral Advice Line at 303-353-4268 or 303-Elegant.



Our goal is to provide you with amazing value for your money. You work hard for your money and we will work hard to make sure you feel your money has been well spent.

We encourage you to pick an elegant venue that has personal meaning to you. We have great relationships with these businesses which means that you are often paying the same money for catering and food expenses that you would at another Funeral Home. The food quality and ambience makes our experience a much better value.


1. Professional Service Fee

Our Professional Service Fee incorporates all of the tasks and services involved in arranging, planning and conducting the funeral, including:

  • Guidance, expertise and care from a team of experienced, professionally trained staff (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year).
  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death into our care.
  • Provision of mortuary care by experienced and qualified embalming staff.
  • Provision of hearse
  • Placement of death and funeral notices in the newspaper/s and on our website.
  • Making arrangements with the cemetery/crematorium.
  • Liaising with clergy or a civil celebrant.
  • Liaising with the florist, caterer, musician and other service providers.
  • Provision of all necessary staff, 1 hearse on the day of the funeral.
  • Audio tape of service held at our chapels.
  • DVD or Video tape of the Memorial Service.
  • Provision of advice and support following the funeral.

Elegant Tributes offers a variety of service options, all of which allow you and your family to tailor them to reflect your individual, personal, cultural and religious requirements.

There are a variety of options for the service:

  • Service held at an Elegant Tributes Venue
  • Dual Service commencing at a Elegant Tributes Venue
  • Extended Service commencing at a Elegant Tributes Venue
  • Arrival Service held at the Graveside
  • Cremation Memorial Service commencing at a non Elegant Tributes venue, i.e. Church or Reception facilitiy
  • Direct Committal (No Funeral Service)

If the service options are not suitable to your requirements then please speak to one of our Funeral Advice Line staff on 403-230-1333 who will be happy to tailor something to your personal needs.

2. Casket

The price of a coffin/casket depends entirely on the construction/type, quality, finish and style that is chosen. View our entire coffin and casket range.

3. Cemetery and crematoria charges

These charges are set by the individual cemeteries and crematoria and do not vary between funeral companies.

4. Other Fees

There are generally a range of other services and fees, which are entirely optional, such as:

  • Newspaper notices
  • Orders of Service Booklets, Mass/Liturgy Booklets
  • Audio Visual Presentation
  • Floral tributes
  • Clergy/celebrant fee
  • Music
  • Catering
  • Cremation Urns
If you have specific questions about our pricing please call us.
Our phone number is 303-353-4268 or 303-Elegant and we will answer at any time during the day or night.