Global News did a feature on Elegant Tributes on March 4, 2015. They did a fantastic job summarizing the essence of Elegant Tributes!

Therese Rajotte, Founder of Elegant Tributes, shares her thoughts on a variety of topics.

Chosing a Funeral Homes - There are many factors to consider when selecting a Funeral Home. Attributes include understanding who will be the Funeral Director, how to make the funeral more environmentally friendly, tips on making the funeral personal and memorable as well as ideas on a great venue.

Planning an Elegant Funeral - Surveys show that people want funerals to be both personal and memorable. We start by first understanding who the loved one was, what they liked to do, where they spent their time, etc. and then we come up with ideas on an Elegant Funeral. We are able to do this at a lower cost than most funeral homes.