PreplanningWe know that planning for death is something that is difficult to consider. However, the practical benefits of pre-planning far outweigh any unease that you may associate with this important decision. At Elegant Tributes, we are here to make your planning as easy as possible, guiding you every step of the way, at a time when you can make carefully considered plans without the stress of grief and constraints of time.


Although most funeral and cemetery arrangements are made only when they become necessary, a family's time of mourning is in fact the worst time for such details to be handled. Planning ahead with Elegant Tributes for a funeral service is a sure way to cushion your family against the toll of a loved one's passing. Plan for yourself, your spouse and your family with a clear mind and when everyone can take part in the decision and explore the many options available.

It alleviates emotional stress and provides peace of mind - you can feel relaxed and completely at ease knowing your family will have Elegant Tributes strength and support at their side during a difficult time. Pre-planning ensures that your wishes will be clearly carried out. It's peace of mind for you and all concerned.

Take advantage of today's prices for a future need. With funeral and cemetery costs on the rise each year, you will be saving your loved ones' money on this inevitable need, knowing that your estate will be secure and available for what you've designated when the time comes.

You can call us on 403-230-1333 to make an appointment or you can come in to one of our funeral homes to make a time for a Specialist to come and visit you in the comfort of your own home. We are happy to do whichever is more convenient for you.

We will take you through the planning at a relaxed pace so you can tell us all the little touches you would like. For example you might like to have grandchildren place an eternal token into the casket, or your friends to bring to the service their favourite photo of you for everyone to share. Your Elegant Tributes funeral director will ensure that all of your wishes will be carefully looked after and fulfilled.

Perhaps you have experienced organizing a funeral yourself and wish to help those you leave behind by making some or all of the arrangements now. You may have attended an Elegant Tributes funeral service and have seen first hand how we look after the family with care and compassion. For a variety of reasons you may have recently had cause to think about whether your family is protected in case they need to make funeral arrangements at an emotional time.

Whichever you choose, planning ahead for a funeral service with Elegant Tributes means your wishes will be respected and your family will be looked after by our woman’s touch and our gentle understanding: because that’s what every family deserves.

So call us on 403-230-1333 or email us your enquiry about planning ahead with Elegant Tributes.