52747d590eb04Our advice to all families is that when a death occurs they contact us immediately. In many cases when people pass away in a hospital, it is not necessary for our staff to attend immediately. Our staff can be very helpful in putting your mind at ease, and to ensure that the family is aware of everything that has to be done.

Our phone number is 403-230-1333 and we will answer at any time during the day or night.


The life of a loved one can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Many people are involved in a Church community, and will choose to have the funeral service there.

We have chosen a variety of elegant venues that create an amazing environment. Others may choose a funeral service at some other special place, such as the family home, a park or a community hall or facility. We pride ourselves on finding a venue that is comfortable for you, not convenient for us.

The number of mourners expected to attend is often an important consideration when choosing a venue for a funeral service.Funeral services can be conducted by clergy, a civil celebrant or even a family member or friend.The most common types of funeral services are:

A Memorial Service

A memorial service takes place after a private burial or cremation at any of the places referred to above. This type of service has grown in popularity as it shifts the focus to the memorilization and celebration of the deceased.

A Church/Chapel Funeral Service followed by a Cemetery/Crematorium Service

This style of funeral service begins with a service at a church or funeral chapel (or other place), followed by a procession to the cemetery or crematorium, where there is a final committal ceremony.

A Single Service Funeral

A single service funeral can take place at a church, a crematorium chapel, at the graveside or a special place, such as a park or community hall.


Historically many funerals homes have encouraged families to both embalm the body and have a viewing prior to the Funeral Service. This is a practice that dates back to the American Civil War where there were long distances between the deceased and their loved ones. The modern thinking is that there are three reasons to have an embalming and a viewing:
1. It allows loved ones to acknowledge the death with their own eyes.
2. It is an opportunity to see their loved one in a peaceful state.Mbr>3. It provides an opportunity to say goodbye.

These traditions are less popular today than in the past. To read the reasons click here:


Choosing a casket is an important aspect of arranging a funeral. At Elegant Tributes we recognise that your choice will depend on many things, including:
1. The wishes or personality of the person who has died;
2. The shape, design or colour of the casket;
3. Your family's religious or cultural background;
4. Whether the funeral is a burial or cremation;
5. Budgetary or environmental considerations; or
6. Preference for either a contemporary or more traditional style.
At Elegant Tributes we place an emphasis on handmade non traditional caskets. To view our range of caskets, please click on the link below. All prices are GST exclusive.


For many people, accompanying their loved one to and from the service and cemetery is an important aspect of a funeral.
Our unique Funeral Coach is a custom-built funeral vehicle, which allows transport of the casket to and from the funeral service and cemetery/crematorium.
We have a variety of limo/ coach options for families to choose from:


Music is often intrinsic to any celebration and funerals are no exception. Today, songs from right across the musical spectrum are heard at funerals - everything from Beethoven to the Beatles and Metallica to Mozart.

Music can make any event Elegant. Live music played by a band, vocalist, piper, bugler, pianist, organist, or string quartet are all options we are happy to organise.


Today, many families utilise our in-house Memories and Tributes Consultants to prepare and design a variety of highly personalised special keepsakes for those who attend the funeral, such as:
Celebrated Moments DVD;
Order of Service Booklets;
Thank You cards;
Memento Cards;
Service Booklets (for Catholic families, we are able to prepare and design personalised Mass Booklets); and
Portraits of Life Banners.

We are also able to do high quality video that takes pictures and videos and crafts it into an Elegant Tribute. Our in-house Tributes Consultants help families remember their loved one though a Elegant Tributes DVD. The DVD is a moving montage of treasured photograpic moments selected from your family photo and video archives. Your special family images are brought to the screen against a themed background of music and suitable on-screen text. The DVD capturing the special moments of the deceased's life is shown during the funeral service, and is given to the family as a permanent tribute.

Our range of CONTEMPORARY MEMORIAL BOOKS allow those attending the funeral service to record their attendance.

Our caring Funeral Planners are trained to encourage families to celebrate the life of their loved one in the ways that best reflect their life. We are therefore able to arrange a variety of creative experiences to help celebrate a life, including:
Live or recorded music;
Catered refreshments;
Release of Doves of Peace or Helium Balloons;
Professional photography and/ or videography;
Candle lighting ceremonies;
A champagne toast as part of the service.


There are several cemeteries to choose from. Location and price will vary depending on your situation. Talk to our Elegant Tributes Director about what location is right for you.


A memorial is an enduring testimonial purchased only once, to honour a life through the centuries. A memorial creates a memory that lasts forever and much thought should be taken to make sure you are happy with your selection. Elegant Tributes provides quotations on all designs with no obligation.

Whether your need is a memorial for a loved one or you are preplanning for yourself, visit us for exceptional designs, and guaranteed first-class workmanship, using only top-grade materials. We are skilled at handling any special requirements, custom designs or requests that you may have. We provide expert lettering in all languages