Flat markers are the most cost effective monuments available. Although flat markers tend to be smaller they still offer plenty of room to accommodate the lettering and design that you desire. Most flat markers are installed flush with the grass but can be installed on a foundation if the cemetery permits it.


Many times the people who are most affected by a loved ones passing take on the burden of looking after relatives and friends. Whatever the opportunity we can assist you in taking the stress and obligations away so you can focus on your loved ones.


Elegant Tributes is an accredited by the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board (AFSRB) and comply with the AFSRB Code of Ethics. This code is your reassurance of sincere care and professional service, particularily at a time of uncertainty and distress for grieving family and relatives.


Elegant Tributes is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards and to providing an unprecedented level of service to the families that choose us.