We specialize in working with Elegant Venues. Denver is a very diverse place and we have spent a lot of time visiting different venues to ensure that we know exactly the right venue to fit your needs. We have reached out to the most elegant, unique and intimate places in Denver to make your celebration very special.

We have a variety of criteria that we look for in a venue:

Personal - We choose venues based on your values and preferences, not what is convenient for us. Whatever your lifestyle, mood or preferences; we have a venue to match. From mountain vistas to quaint chapels, working ranch to elegant restaurant, private club to sports pub we will find the right venue.  We have been amazed at how many exclusive clubs and private venues will provide us access.

Memorable - We know that funeral or Celebration of Life is something that you will remember for years to come. Having a unique venue that provides a memorable experience can be a source of comfort as you go through the grieving process. Many clients will go back to the place of the final goodbye as it becomes a special place where you can feel close to your loved one.

Private room - Families expect privacy when they are saying goodbye to their loved one. We select venues with private rooms and semi-private entrances. Every family grieves differently and we ensure that you can feel free to grieve any way that feels comfortable to you.

Size - The perfect venue can be cold and impersonal if the room size is too large or too small. We match the size of the group to the right venue.

Cost - We have negotiated special pricing with the Owners and General Managers. We work with each venue to find times that are generally unbooked. Our Partners understand this is a difficult time and they have created a special menu for you that is unavailable if you call direct.

Our goal is to have a beautiful, memorable Celebration fo Life that costs less than a traditional funeral. Many clients feel they have had twice the funeral for half the cost.



There is a growing trend towards unique locations like the Calgary Art Gallery, Heritage Park, the Calgary Tower, etc. We can guide you to the best locations that meet your unique requirements...


Hotels are very accomodating for all types of funerals and celebrations. Many clients will house their out of town guests, have a reception and then the funeral all in the same building...


We work with some of the finest restaurants in the City. Often these are places that you have enjoyed for years. We book private rooms to provide the exact atmosphere to celebrate your loved one's life ...


if you have a special location in mind we will work with you to make it very special. It could be a residence, restaurant, park, etc.


Many times the people who are most affected by a loved ones passing take on the burden of looking after relatives and friends. Whatever the opportunity we can assist you in taking the stress and obligations away so you can focus on your loved ones.


Elegant Tributes is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards and to providing an unprecedented level of service to the families that choose us.