CremationCremation has become more popular over the past two decades. The cost of cremation is lower than a burial as you do not need to purchase a cemetary plot, grave marker, etc. Cremation does not limit your ability to spend time with the body of your loved one or hold a meaningful ceremony. You may have a visitation period and a funeral service prior to the cremation. Or your family may spend time privately with the body before cremation, followed by a public ceremony a day or two later with the urn present. You may want to consider keeping your loved one's body present for the funeral ceremony as it often encourages more expressions of grief and authentic mourning.

The most important thing is to capture the memories and celebrate the spirit of your loved one, but also to provide healing through gathering together, paying tribute and celebrating a life well lived.

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Cremation Service and Ceremony

This journey marks a new beginning; now is the most important time to come together and recount the fond memories that tell the story of your loved one. A variety of choices are available to create a loving memorial, bringing together family and friends for a final goodbye. Meaningful ceremonies with personalized memorials can be as unique as the loved one being remembered

When choosing cremation, the ceremony is a way to inform the community of a loved one's passing, tell their story and celebrate their life. A ceremony is most meaningful when it reflects your loved one's relationships, interests, and the moments you shared. Memorializing your loved one when choosing cremation may include one or any combination of the following options.


Friends and family gather for a tribute prior to cremation, often with the decedent present, which draws support and allows family and friends to say goodbye.


This gathering of friends and family following cremation often features the memorial urn as the ceremony's centerpiece and allows family and friends to recall memories and support one another.


A small gathering and informal family farewell takes place in a private setting and offers the chance to say goodbye, allowing family and friends to recall memories and support one another.

Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is when there is no funeral service or memorial service, but instead simply final disposition of the body by the funeral home or memorial society.

Many experts highly recommend honoring the life and death with a ceremony. Even a small ceremony will help the family acknowledge that there has been a passing of a loved one. This is the beginning of the grieving process.

Think carefully about the many options available to you and your family. Slow down and plan. It is through planning that a meaningful funeral experience is created. And do remember that funeral directors, clergy, celebrants and close friends who have done these things before can all be valuable resources to you. You are not alone!


Cremation is another form of disposition or handling a body after death. However, many people don't know what happens during cremation.

Cremation takes place in a carefully maintained facility known as a crematory or crematorium. The funeral home may or may not have its own crematory on site, but your funeral director can take care of all arrangements either


The selection of a cremation casket is just as important as the selection of the ceremony and will complement the tribute designed for the one being remembered. Before cremation, during the ceremony, and at the time of cremation, the casket or container is the resting place that gives dignity to your loved one. It may also be where you will see your loved one for the last time.


For many people, accompanying their loved one to and from the service and cemetery is an important aspect of a funeral.
Our unique Funeral Coach is a custom-built funeral vehicle, which allows transport of the casket to and from the funeral service and cemetery/crematorium.
We have a variety of limo/ coach options for families to choose from:


Music is often intrinsic to any celebration, and funerals are no exception. Today, songs from right across the musical spectrum are heard at funerals - everything from Beethoven to the Beatles to Metallica to Mozart.

Music can make any event Elegant. Live music played by a band, vocalist, piper, bugler, pianist, organist, or string quartet are all options we are happy to organize.


We can prepare and design a variety of highly personalized special keepsakes for those who attend the funeral, such as:
Celebrated Moments DVD;
Order of Service Booklets;
Thank You cards;
Memento Cards;
Service Booklets (for Catholic families, we are able to prepare and design personalised Mass Booklets); and
Portraits of Life Banners.

We are also able to do high quality video that takes pictures and videos and crafts it into an Elegant Tribute. Our in-house Tributes Consultants help families remember their loved one though a Elegant Tributes DVD. The DVD is a moving montage of treasured photograpic moments selected from your family photos and video archives. Your special family images are brought to the screen against a themed background of music and suitable on-screen text. The DVD capturing the special moments of the deceased's life is shown during the funeral service, and is given to the family as a permanent tribute.

We have Guest Books that allow those attending the funeral service to record their attendance.

Our caring Funeral Planners are trained to encourage families to celebrate the life of their loved one in the ways that best reflect their life. We are therefore able to arrange a variety of creative experiences to help celebrate a life, including:
Live or recorded music;
Catered refreshments;
Release of Doves of Peace or Helium Balloons;
Professional photography and/ or videography;
Candle lighting ceremonies;
A champagne toast as part of the service.

Our phone number is 403-230-1333 in Calgary or 303-353-4268 or 303-elegant in Denver and we will answer at any time during the day or night.