You want to take good care of your loved one at all times, but sometimes life gets the best of you. Work, family, commitments, living in a different city; there are many reasons why you can’t be around on a daily basis....

We provide a full range of personalized services to senior and home-bound individuals. Our mission is not home-health care, medical care, or simply companionship. Rather, we provide support, friendship, transportation and outings for those whose families can’t be with them around the clock.

We not only develop, but are there to implement customized, creative and informed senior care planning solutions for our clients.


- Bereavement airline fares
- Travel planning and coordination
- Hotel booking
- Family reception
- Airport pickups
- Run errands
- Shop for appropriate clothing
- Coordinating images and video
- Write Eulogy
- Dining Out
- Limousine Rental
- Florists